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Concirrus was founded on a belief that Marine Insurance, a mainstay of the market, could be transformed from the abundance of data coming into the market and a new generation of technologies – new insights on risks, processes automated, portfolios optimised. Specifically built for marine insurance by leading insurance practitioners and technologists, our suite of AI-powered analytics and digital capabilities are empowering the market.

Make powerful and differentiated product propositions a reality

Today, Concirrus works with commercial insurance clients to improve loss ratios and reduce operating expenses. Our highly configurable solutions, AI-powered workflow, risk modelling and portfolio monitoring solutions, allow collaboration within teams and across the insurance market. Our goal is to bring practical solutions to the market that address today’s issues and drive towards a vision of automated insurance.

Behavioural data is a better indicator of risk than traditional demographics

With every customer, we’ve delivered insights and new rating factors that simply did not exist before allowing increased profits, the ability to write more business with or without claims history and reduce administration costs.

Quantify Risk

Concirus leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning to quantify risk with unprecedented accuracy, empowering insurers to make more informed decisions.

Reduces Losses

By utilising real-time data and predictive analytics, Concirus helps insurers proactively identify and mitigate potential risks, significantly reducing losses.

Boost Profits

Concirus enhances profitability for insurers by optimizing risk assessment and improving underwriting accuracy, leading to more efficient operations and better financial outcomes.

Meet our leadership team

Andy Yeoman


Vinod Singh


Ruth Polyblank

Director Product & Strategy

Matthew Twist


Ankur Jain

Head of Engineering

Matthew Twist

Commercial Director

Ankur Jain

Head of Engineering

Our approach

You can expect:

Our team works closely with every customer to deliver insights and rating factors that simply didn’t exist before, allowing increased profits, the ability to write more business with or without claims history, and reduced administration costs.

A driven and forward-looking approach that makes powerful propositions a reality

An engaged and supportive team, with deep understanding of Insurers’ needs

Commitment to R&D and finding new, impactful solutions for the insurance industry

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