Increase your Aviation underwriting efficiency by 400%

Solving the Efficiency Challenge in
Aviation Underwriting

Aviation underwriters constantly juggle the demands of risk assessment with the operational challenges of processing submissions. Industry data reveals that up to 40% of their time is spent on non-value-adding activities like manual data entry, paperwork processing, and administrative tasks. This severely limits their capacity for strategic analysis and proactive risk management, hindering the industry’s ability to adapt to new threats and opportunities.

Empower Your Underwriting Operations

Transform aviation underwriting with Concirrus Submission Technology. Our advanced automation and data analytics cut submission processing time by 400%, freeing underwriters to excel in risk assessment, portfolio optimization, and client engagement.

Real-Time Data Insights

Concirrus Submission Technology provides insights into risk profiles and trends, enabling underwriters to make informed decisions, identify emerging risks, and mitigate potential losses.

Underwriting Transfomed

Automate manual processes and leveraging advanced data analytics to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

  • Enhances efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduces submission processing time by 400%
  • Frees underwriters for value-adding activities

Streamlined Workflows

Concirrus Submission Technology revolutionizes underwriting with AI automation, eliminating errors and enhancing efficiency. Underwriters can now focus on strategic tasks, driving business growth and ensuring client satisfaction.

Embracing the Future of Aviation Underwriting

Say goodbye to outdated, inefficient underwriting methods and embrace the future with Concirrus Submission Technology for Aviation. Our AI-driven platform automates and streamlines the entire process, ultimately driving business growth and satisfaction.

" This technology has already proven to be invaluable in enhancing our efficiency and accuracy, allowing us to better serve our clients and stay ahead of the competition."

Steven D. Allen, President at Applied Aviation

Concirrus Quest reduces costs across the value chain

* Based on back-testing of models on historical portfolios

- %

Typical improvement in loss ratios

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