Sonali Seth Celebrates 7 Years at Concirrus

This month, we celebrate an extraordinary milestone for one of our valuable members of the team, Sonali Seth, as she marks her 7th year with the business.   

Sonali is a perfect example of someone who ‘wears many hats’ – a phrase that barely scratches the surface of her ongoing contribution to the business.  Sonali recently took time out to talk to us about what it’s like to work at Concirrus and what’s in store for her this year. 


Q: What do you love about working at Concirrus? 

There are numerous aspects of my work here that I deeply cherish, making it difficult to narrow down to just one or two. I deeply appreciate the freedom and autonomy that I have, to deliver value in my role. The supportive, fun-loving culture creates a comforting environment where diverse perspectives are respected across teams in Delhi and London. I am inspired by the high ambitions of our executives and management, who are driven to positively impact our customers in innovative ways. Most of all, I love that I can bring my whole self to work each day and collaborate with caring colleagues who feel like family.


Q: What’s been your biggest achievement so far? 

My time at Concirrus has been filled with numerous achievements. I’ve worn many hats, stepping in wherever needed to support the company. Whether it was filling in for a member of our finance team during the challenging times of Covid-19 or teaching myself HR-related tasks to support our operations in India alongside my colleagues in the UK, I’ve embraced every opportunity to ensure I continue to contribute in meaningful ways.


Q: And, your biggest challenge/learning? 

My time at Concirrus has accelerated my personal growth. During more challenging periods, persistence strengthened my resilience. By rising to the challenge of fulfilling diverse functions, I realised my adaptability and value to this dynamic organisation. Operating beyond my routine responsibilities as Vinod’s EA has enabled me to develop new skills. My willingness to wear multiple hats, from finance to HR, has nurtured more comprehensive capabilities.  I’m thankful to have matured in this environment; the company I joined is not the one I know today, nor am I the same professional. Through every transformation, I’ve been proud to grow alongside Concirrus.


Q: What’s in store for 2024 – specifically within your role? 

I’m filled with a mix of excitement as we embark on 2024. The recent announcement of over 200% revenue growth in 2023 has set the stage for ambitious plans and strategies for the 2024. It’s clear that we all need to elevate our efforts and push boundaries even further to achieve our goals.


A significant change for me lies in the evolution of Vinod’s role. Towards the end of last year, he assumed a more prominent position, partnering closely with Andy to drive the company forward. This shift means that Vinod’s responsibilities now extend beyond the realm of the traditional CTO role; he’s actively involved in various departments, collaborating closely with Andy to steer the company’s trajectory.


With these changes, my role must also adapt to better support Vinod in his expanded capacity. This entails being more strategic in managing his calendar, taking on tasks to lighten his load, and efficiently coordinating his busy travel schedule, while also fulfilling my HR responsibilities in India.


I know that leaning into discomfort is what will make 2024 another breakout year full of career development and company success stories worth retelling, so I’m looking forward to embracing these opportunities and celebrating my own and the team’s achievements.

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